Friday, January 6, 2012

Introducing Camden Corners Volume Five

The stories of Camden Corners and the loves and lives of its residents continues in Volume Five of the series. As Always, you will meet new folks, be reacquainted with old friends, watch as mysteries unfold, a murder is committed, an arrest is made, a young man finds his birth father and the town continues to grow. The promise of happy endings remain for the good people of Camden Corners

The month is January and the winter doldrums have set in with some of the senior ladies of Camden Corners. A winter getaway is planned at the newly purchased cabin on Cedar Lake. As the snow begins to fall on the remote cabin, the friends are reminiscing about their youth and how they met the loves of their lives. The trip down memory lane ends abruptly when there is a knock on the door and Oscar Crowley is arrested for murder and hauled away in handcuffs.

Young love is put to the test when Daphne Saint Marie swoops into town hoping to recapture the heart of Jack Mackenzie. How can Audry Lynch ever compete with such sophistication? 

With the hospital nearing completion, there is a new doctor and his family in town. When tomboy, Jennie Burke, lays eyes on the doctor's son she is transformed into a feminine beauty for the Valentine dance but still keeps the qualities that makes the boys want her on their team. 

Clay Springer feels he has been duped by Lucina Rossi until he discovers his first instincts were correct, she is a very remarkable young woman. 

A new member is welcomed into Caroline Bentley's ever growing family making the mother to be a grandmother. 

Elizabeth Lawrence and Grady Murphy are married with an unexpected guest in attendance. Dr. Ellingsworth Murphy has set his sites on another rich old woman. He almost kills her with his charm but Grady is there to save the day. 

Millicent Merryweather Stout doesn't want to face the fact that she can't afford the upkeep on the mansion she calls home. Nettie Crowley is there with a suggestion that transforms Millicent into a new person with a purpose in life and real friends. The arrival of her nephew James changes her life and her brothers even more. 

These and other stories may be found on the pages of Camden Corners Volume Five.

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