Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Parker Family~Part 2


Annie admitted she had acted impulsively, she couldn't explain herself it just seemed it was a solution to an uncomfortable position she found herself in back home in Bakersville.
Jackson stood up and started pacing the room. He couldn't throw the poor girl out in the snow but she couldn't stay here either, it just wouldn't be appropriate. He looked at Annie with pity in his eyes and hit a nerve.
“Mr. Parker, I will not trouble you any longer. I'm sure I will be able to find a room for let. I'll see myself out.”
With that she was out the door and halfway to the next block. She was trying desperately to hold back the tears. What a fool she was. No wonder Peter didn't want her. She didn't have a brain in her head or a nickel in her pocket to pay for a room. She would walk back to the train station and find a seat in the corner. Maybe she wouldn't be noticed and she would come up with a solution to her dilemma in the morning.
Jackson was still furious. He rarely raised his voice to any of his children so Andrew was very afraid when he heard his Dad shout his name. Jackson could see the fear in his son's eyes and realized Andrew had done what he thought would make the family happy. If it wasn't such a mess, he would think it was funny. Jackson gave his son a hug and then realized Miss Spencer had left the house.
He told Andrew to keep an eye on the girls while he left the house in search of his mail order bride. Annie didn't want Mr. Parker to know how upset she was. She tried to hide her face from him but he could see the glistening around her eyes. He had the feeling she was all alone in the world and he felt guilty for treating her like a criminal and an insane criminal at that. He begged her to come back to the house with him.
Mrs. Horton had prepared a delicious lamb stew for their dinner and it would be ruined if they didn't get it off the warming stove very soon. Talk of the lamb stew was all Annie needed. She swallowed what little pride she had left and agreed to go with Mr. Parker. Just for supper and then she would be on her way again.
As Annie and Jackson checked the stew, she wondered if he would like her to make some biscuits to go with the stew. While she was making the biscuits, she notice there were the makings for a sponge cake. Before she knew it, she had cooked a meal fit for a king or at least a little prince and two pretty little princesses.
Jackson had been reading his evening paper and the children were playing by his feet. He didn't think he had felt this relaxed since before Adele got sick. The meal was wonderful and all the extras Annie had made were especially good.
After supper, she sat down on the floor and played games with the children. Jackson joined them and they played until it was time for the children to go to bed. Annie read them each a story and tucked them into their beds. She was finding herself regretting that Mr. Jackson Parker was not the author of that ad.
While Annie was reading to his children, Jackson was knocking on the Horton Boarding House door to see if Mrs. Horton had a spare room. Jackson walked Annie to Mrs. Horton's and thanked her for a fine evening.
Annie told Mrs. Horton she would be on her way but thanked her for her offer. Annie didn't know that Jackson tried to pay Mrs. Horton for the room but she wouldn't accept the money. Anyone that could brighten Jackson Parker's eyes like that was welcome in her home at any time. Mrs. Horton insisted Annie stay. She could help her prepare breakfast and tidy up the rooms in the morning and they would call it even.
Annie was so tired she gratefully accepted the offer and slept dreaming of a handsome young prince and two beautiful little princesses. Maybe the King was in that dream somewhere too.

Mrs. Horton encouraged Annie to stay in Camden Corners for a little while longer. Before long and much to the delight of Andy, Carrie and Allison, Jackson and Annie were married the Saturday before Thanksgiving and Annie prepared the most wonderful Thanksgiving dinner any of them ever remembered eating. Annie and Jackson were mostly thankful that Thanksgiving Day for a little boy who had placed an ad for a new wife and mother. Annie was just what the Parker Family needed.

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