Monday, January 9, 2012

The Pringles~Part 2

Chris walked Rudy until they were both tired and thirsty. Maybe a little lager would taste good right now. Priscilla was filling in for the church organist and she and the choir members were practicing for the Wednesday Evening Summer concert. Chris didn't like going home to an empty apartment so he and Rudy stopped at O'Sullivan's Pub. Rudy was such a well behaved dog he was welcome in the pub. Chris didn't remember Rudy ever growling, especially at humans but he was certainly growling at the man sitting at the corner of the bar. Well, if it wasn't the stranger who had been walking by the water earlier. Chris nodded hello and tried to calm Rudy with a doggie treat he had in his pocket. Eb, obviously well into his cups, was keeping a close eye on Rudy. He didn't like dogs and this one was none to friendly.
It was time he was getting back to his search. Just as he walked in front of Rudy, he slipped on Rudy's doggie treat and fell forward catching his shirtsleeve on the edge of the bar stool. Chris felt terrible about the mishap and insisted the stranger come home with him. Priscilla would be home by now and she was a whiz with a needle and thread. Eb was none to steady on his feet and gave in letting Chris escort him from the bar. Rudy was still unsure of this stranger but stopped his growling.
Priscilla was indeed home and was happy to stitch the strangers shirt. Chris thought a cup of coffee might be in order for their guest. By the time the coffee was ready, Eb was sound to sleep in Chris' favorite chair. Afternoon turned into evening and Eb was still asleep. Priscilla covered him with a blanket and the Pringles called it a night.
In the morning Eb woke up not remembering where he was or how he got there. He slowly remembered that he was looking for the pouch with the jewels inside when he decided he needed a little liquid refreshment. He really needed to concentrate on finding those jewels. Seems like the jolly old goat had a jolly wife too. How Eb hated jolly people. Here they were offering him a breakfast of eggs, pancakes and sausages. He should just leave but the food smelled so good he couldn't get himself to walk out the door.
Eb was silent as he wolfed down three helpings of pancakes and a half dozen eggs. He happened to glance over towards the breakfront. He caught sight of what looked like Christmas ornaments. What is this crazy woman doing with Christmas ornaments at this time of year. Priscilla noticed Eb looking at the ornaments. He hadn't said more than two words since he had arrived yesterday. Priscilla told him what the ornaments were for, he glanced at them again and noticed sparkling red noses on the Santas.
He arose from his chair to get a better look and thought “Holy Smoke those are my jewels. What has Mrs. Jolly done with my jewels?”
Eb knew he had to calm down and figure out how he was going to get his jewels back even if it meant he would have to take those stupid ornaments with him. Suddenly, his whole demeanor changed. He admired the ornaments and enthused when Priscilla told him how she had found those pretty stones by the lake.
He was fit to be tied. Why didn't that old biddy just leave the pouch for him to find. He just had to get them back, clean them up and get them to his boss, Ronald Crump before Mr. Crump arranged for Eb to be buried in clay himself.
Eb listened patiently as Priscilla recited the names on each and every ornament and described each and every child in the town of Camden Corners. Priscilla knew Eb was a little hard around the edges but she suspected he was softening up hearing about the children and Christmas in Camden Corners .
Chris came up the stairs after taking Rudy out for a short walk and opening the shop. Eb watched as Priscilla packed up the ornaments for storage in the basement until it was time to present them to the children. Priscilla carried the container down the two flights of stairs. Eb started following but was stopped at the basement door by Rudy who was looking suspiciously at him. Eb wanted to kick the dumb mutt out of the way but his fear stopped him. He would find a way to get into that basement even if it meant he would have to hide in the bushes next to the shop.
Eb was out the door without so much as a fare thee well to the Pringles. What a strange man Priscilla thought but nothing, not even a grouchy old man could put a damper on such a glorious day.

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