Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Best Laid Plans~Part 2


California was even more beautiful than Oliver imagined. He found a small room to rent just outside of Los Angeles. The room was clean and the neighborhood was quiet but there weren't any oranges growing in the backyard. There wasn't even a backyard. He was miles away from any vineyards and the only wine he found to sip was at the local tavern where it was dark and gloomy. He thought of O'Sullivan's in Camden Corners where he could always find someone to talk to and the light was always bright even on a cloudy day.
Oliver found that his college degree wasn't doing him much good without experience anyplace except his uncle's store. He was use to being able to walk anywhere in town but Los Angeles was much bigger and everything was much farther away. He was offered a job at Sherman's Market just a block from where he lived and thought he'd accept it until he found something else. Oliver's attempts to have friendly conversations with customers went nowhere. He missed the friendly people in Camden Corners and he found himself missing Cassie more than he thought possible. He had to admit that he had made a big mistake in coming to California. He was just a small town fellow at heart. It didn't take long before he was on the train headed east to Camden Corners.
Cassie was deep in conversation with Diana Taylor when she looked up and saw Oliver walking through the door. Her eyes lit up and she smiled so broadly she thought her cheeks would crack. Oliver held his breath. He had forgotten how lovely Cassie was. Diana greeted Oliver and left the store anxious to spread the word that Oliver was home again and by the smile on his and Cassie's faces, it looked like he was home to stay.
Oliver could no longer keep his feelings to himself. He loved Cassie and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her right here in Camden Corners. He drew her into his arms and from that moment on Cassie and Oliver knew they would always be together.
Two smiling faces peeked around the corner. Isaac had the papers all ready for Oliver to sign. He and Maude had a lovely time in New York but they were home to stay now. They purchased a small cabin by the lake and pictured many happy weekends with Oliver, Cassie, the Lambert boys and a bunch of grandnieces and nephews that would surely come along.
Cassie still held on to her dream of Paris but life had taken a different turn and she found she enjoyed being her own designer. They were married before the last autumn leaf fell off the maple tree in the front yard of the Lambert home.
Oliver had a Christmas surprise for Cassie. A trip to Paris, France in the spring where they would celebrate their belated honeymoon. Cassie had a surprise of her own. Paris would have to wait at least 18 years. There was much to celebrate that Christmas for the Nichols and Lamberts. Isaac built a cradle for the new baby and Maude lovingly made a little quilt. The Lambert boys were already planning to teach their little niece or nephew how to fish.
Oliver's parents visited from Greensboro and loved Cassie and her brothers as much as Oliver did. The snow was falling in Camden Corners. Oliver and Cassie stepped outside to watch the flakes spill from the sky. Oliver loved the feel of winter with his arms around his wife and couldn't remember why he thought he would be happy living in a place without snow.

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