Friday, February 3, 2012

Timmy's Gift~Part 2

Timmy searched and searched the store and finally found a bright shiny fire engine. He reached into his mitten and brought out his eight cents.
“Is that enough for the fire truck Mr. Luke?” Timmy asked.
With a twinkle in his eye, Luke told him it was just the right amount for the 25 cent truck. Timmy beamed as Luke handed him his purchase.
“Merry Christmas” Luke called out as Timmy walked out the door.
Timmy was getting a little tired but he was almost to his destination. He saw Carrie and Allison Parker outside of the Snowflake Christmas Shop waiting for their mother, Annie.
“Hi Timmy, where are you going” asked Carrie.
“I'm on my way to see Jesus”.
When Annie came out of the shop, Allison who was barely 2 told her
“Timmy wiff Jesus”.
Annie had a funny feeling when she heard that but she was so busy that morning, she dismissed it.
Timmy was almost to St. Peter's Church. He had walked by the water because he liked the sound of the waves splashing on shore. He took off his mitten so he could eat his peppermint stick. He dropped the mitten on the shore but he didn't notice because he was happily eating the peppermint stick and admiring the fire truck.
He was almost to the church where Mary and Joseph were looking over baby Jesus in the manger. The three wise men were standing around them. They had gifts for Jesus but not as special as the gift Timmy was giving him.
The peppermint stick was very good but his hands were getting awfully sticky. He climb up on the rocks and into the manger and put the fire truck in baby Jesus' hand. He thought he saw Jesus smile but he could barely keep his eyes open any longer and fell sound to sleep next to Jesus in the manger.
Laura was so busy with the wreath, she didn't realize how long Timmy had been outside. She went to the front door and called his name.
“Where could he be?
She ran back in the house and called for him but still no answer. She put on her coat and started out the front door she went to the garden shop first. Lucas said he came there earlier but he was so busy he didn't know where he went. They both walked down Main Street.
Diana said “Yes, Timmy was here but she was busy with Joey and he left.”
Maddie said “He was here but I was busy with a customer.”
All of the shop owners said they had seen him but they were all so busy they didn't pay that much attention to where he was going.
Penny and April both heard that Timmy couldn't be found, they joined in the search. Word had spread up the hill to the ski lodge and Lucas and Abe came into town as fast as they could.
Timmy's brothers and sisters remembered that they didn't have time for him that morning and now he was gone.
Eric Flanagan from the fish market found Timmy's mitten by the water. Everyone was on the verge of panic when Annie remembered the words Allison had muttered earlier something about Timmy being with Jesus.
“Carrie, did you see Timmy earlier” Annie asked her daughter.
“Yes, Mommy he was going to see Jesus”.
Luke joined the concerned group and told them Timmy had been to his shop earlier and bought a fire truck.
The Vicar remembered Timmy being very interested in the nativity scene that was being constructed at the church last week. Vicar was watching it being assembled when Timmy walked up with his sister Penny and looked on as the workers lay the baby Jesus in the manager. Vicar Will hopped on his bike and pedaled as fast as he could to the church.
Sure enough, there was Timmy sound to sleep in the manager. The Vicar ran into the church and up the stairs to the tower and rang the bell until all the villagers came running. Everyone whooped and hollered that Timmy was alright.
He opened his eyes and looked around and saw that everyone was clapping and laughing. Mama had her arms around him and was crying.
“Why are you crying Mama? Jesus likes his birthday present. See he's holding it in his hand.”
It was true. The truck had gotten sticky from the peppermint and was stuck on baby Jesus' hand.
Everyone in town had been too busy to listen to a little boy that morning. They all knew, from that moment on they would never be too busy for the really important things again. Decorations and customers and chores could wait but little boys shouldn't have to.

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