Thursday, February 2, 2012

Timmy's Gift~Part 1

It was three days before Christmas and four year old Timmy Hawthorne was eating his oatmeal at the kitchen table with his brothers and sisters. Papa had already left for the Hawthorne Garden Shop.
Lucas Hawthorne was a gardener. He loved plants and trees and anything that grew in the ground. The folks in Camden Corners often said he had a magic touch. Those who could afford his services were happy to have him take over their lawns and flower gardens in the summertime. He kept busy all year. He had a tree farm and grew poinsettias and holly bushes that he sold in his shop.
This was by far the busiest week in the year. Everyone wanted the perfect Christmas tree for their parlor. All of the shops along Main Street were decorated with holly and poinsettias from Lucas' shop. His wife, Laura was a big help to her husband with her skill at turning sprigs of holly into a beautiful wreath or garland.
Timmy was the youngest of the five Hawthorne children. Lucas, Jr. and Abraham were talented skiers and had been hired by the Camden Hill Ski Lodge as instructors during the winter months. April, who wanted to be a doctor when she grew up, was filling in as receptionist in Doctor Julie McMillan's office during her winter break. Penny loved everything Christmas and was helping Mr. & Mrs. Pringle in their shop for the day.
Timmy was slowly eating his oatmeal. He had a question he wanted to ask his Mama and brothers and sisters. They were all talking at once and nobody was paying any attention to him when he reached for the sugar bowl knocking over his full glass of milk. The milk spilled all over the table and floor and in April's lap.
“Oh Timmy, look what you have done. Now I have to change my dress and I will be late for Doc McMillan's.”
Mama told April to hurry up and change and she would clean up the spilled milk. Lucas and Abe were on their way out the door when Timmy ran after them to ask them his question.
“Lucas wait up. Abe, I want to ask you something.”
“Can't talk to you now little buddy, we have to go”.
Penny was already on her way down the street.
“Hey Penny”
She was singing Christmas carols and didn't hear her little brother calling her.
April came downstairs in a clean dress. Gave him a pat on the head and was out the door on her way to the Doc's.
“I'll ask Mama”, thought Timmy, “Mama isn't in a hurry.” But she was.
After she cleaned up the milk she started washing April's dress and then she had all the breakfast dishes to clean before she started making wreaths from the holly branches Papa brought home last night.
“Mama, I have a question to ask you”
“What is it Timmy”.
“Well, I have a nickel and three pennies in my piggy bank and I want to buy a present for Jesus for his birthday but I don't know what he wants”.
“That's nice Timmy but Mama is very busy this morning. Let's get your snowsuit and mittens and boots on you so you can play outside for a little while.”
Timmy was all bundled up and went outside to play. He had his coins inside his mitten. He thought maybe he would walk to the Garden Shop to see Papa and ask him what he should buy for Jesus.
Papa was helping Mr. Greenly put a big tree in his truck.
“Hi Timmy what are you doing over here? Is Mama at Nichol's Market?”
Timmy said no but his Papa was busy with Mr. Greenly's tree and didn't hear him. Maybe he would come back later. He walked down the street to the bakery. Miss Diana was putting a plate of fresh baked cookies out on the porch.
“Hi Timmy, would you like a cookie? Is your Mama next door at the candy shop”
“Thanks for the cookie Miss Diana. No, my Mama is not at Miss Maddie's. Can you tell me what to buy for Jesus for his birthday.”
Diana laughed and bent down to talk to Timmy when baby Joey started to cry. She went in the other room to pick up Joey and when she got back Timmy had disappeared.
Timmy kept walking to every shop on Main Street. Miss Maddie gave him a gumdrop but then a customer came in before she could answer Timmy's question.
Andy Parker at the post office stamped his hand with his post marker but then had to give Doc McMillan his mail.
Doc walked him out of the Post Office and just when Timmy was going to ask him his very important question, Miss Nettie Dawson slipped on a patch of ice and Doc ran over to help her up.
Timmy stopped at the fire station and petted the fire house dalmatian.
He saw Miss Emma decorating a Christmas tree outside of the antique shop. She handed him a piece of fudge but Lily needed her help with a wreath she was hanging and Emma had to go back into the shop before Timmy could ask his question.
His next stop was to visit Mr. & Mrs. Pringle at the Christmas shop. Mrs. Pringle was helping Annie Parker who was buying a nativity set. She also bought a small fire engine ornament. Timmy was watching as Mrs. Pringle carefully wrapped the baby Jesus and the fire truck. Mr. Pringle called out to Timmy and handed him a peppermint stick. Timmy knew just what to buy the baby Jesus for his birthday and ran to the toy store, his eight cents still in his mitten.

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