Friday, December 16, 2011

After a successful trip to an estate sale, Ethel and Jonas Fulbright return to Camden Corners with a crystal ball.  Ethel felt compelled to buy it and although Jonas thinks it's a foolish purchase, he can't seem to get himself to stop the sale.  The crystal ball seems to come to life while Nettie Crowley is entertaining her guests with her impression of a fortune teller.  It makes her feel uncomfortable and she isn't the least bit sorry when it falls to the floor and breaks into pieces.  After Oscar scoops it up and places it in the trash barrel, he sees a strange light coming from the broken glass.  Read all about the unusual dinner party given to welcome old friends from Greensboro in "The Crystal Ball".  This and other stories may be found in Camden Corners Volume Three.  Available on; Kindle and Nook.  Please don't forget to click on my advertisers. 

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