Sunday, December 4, 2011

Camden Corners Volume Three

Continuing sagas of the residents and newcomers to Camden Corners. Love is always in the air in the quaint little village at the turn of the 20th Century. Some are falling in love for the first time while others are finding love after many years. Families are growing with the birth of babies and children being welcomed into hearts and homes. Camden Corners where happy endings are guaranteed.

Welcome back to Camden Corners. In Volume Three Cody Hill sets out to find his friend Mavis Short's daughter, Iris. Through some strange happenings, Mavis' presence is felt in her daughter's life.
The Hightowers are surprised to learn their Uncle Shane was not quite the man they thought they knew. Through him they meet Lucinda McCoy and her daughter, Cassandra who win the hearts of everyone in Camden Corners, especially Mr. Nick Rossi.
A love is rekindled after many years and Caroline Watson's life takes a turn she never expected.
Reggie Blackburn has been pining away over his lost love for so long he doesn't realize real love has come his way until it's almost too late.
The Hightowers celebrate Labor Day with a picnic and a few surprises.
A ready made family falls into the lives of Vicar Will and his love Kate.

Enjoy these and other stories of love and families in Volume Three of the Camden Corners series.

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