Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nichols General Store has been a fixture in Camden Corners for years.  It's proprietor, Isaac Nichols is getting up in years.  How he would love to take his beloved Maude on an extended vacation.  Vacationing had been out of the question in all the years the two of them had run the store.  His nephew, Oliver would be the perfect choice to take over.  Oliver Nichols had other ideas.  He was willing to help his uncle for a short time but California called his name and he wouldn't be deterred in his desire to go as far west as the land would allow.  Enter Camden Corners resident, Cassie Lambert.  Cassie has plans of her own and they don't include a lifetime living in the village where she grew up.  Find out what happens to these two would be wanderers.  Read BEST LAID PLANS in Camden Corners Volume Two.  Available on, Kindle and Nook at only $1.99.

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