Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Uncle Shane's Surprise

While the former Bloom sisters were delighting over the fact that they were both in the family way, their husbands, the Hightower brothers were listening to the reading of their Uncle Shane Howard's will.  Out of respect to the old man, Howard and Harold made the trip to New York City and the law offices of Seymour Brown.  To their astonishment, Uncle Shane was one of the wealthiest men in the whole United States and left almost his entire fortune to the brothers.  He asked that his nephews share the fortune with Lucinda McCoy and her daughter, Cassandra.  The Widow McCoy had befriended the old man and he was grateful.  Was their more to the story?  Read Uncle Shane's Surprise in Camden Corners Volume Three.  This and many other stories are available in the Camden Corners series.  Check them out on smashwords.com; Kindle and Nook. 

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