Sunday, December 4, 2011

Camden Corners Volume One

A dozen stories taking place in the Village of Camden Corners. "A New Beginning" features Emma Patterson and Lily Kramer who leave their troubles behind to start a new life after they purchase an antique shop. Their friend Nettie Dawson is not far behind finding love in the autumn of her life with Mr. Oscar Crowley.

A trusted firehouse Dalmatian befriends a little girl who has more love to give than she has received in a very long time in "Girl".

A very special evening of family entertainment is scheduled in "Beverly Sills". A catastrophe is averted as our performer saves the day.

Chris Pringle and his wife, Priscilla are the proud owners of Snowflake Christmas Shop. Chris bumps into a very unfriendly Ebeneezer Finch. Eb isn't interested in the Pringle's hospitality until he discovers they have something he wants.

This is just a sampling of the tales of Camden Corners. Volume Two will be published soon. In the meantime, enjoy Volume One.

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