Saturday, December 24, 2011

Timmy's Gift

Timmy Hawthorne watched as the Vicar and members of the congregation set up the nativity scene on the church lawn early in December.  He listened to the story of Jesus birthday and the gifts the Wise Men brought to him.  He got it into his head that he wanted to buy a present for Jesus.  He wasn't sure what to buy for the little baby and began asking his family and the people in town.  Because it was Christmas Eve, everyone was very busy and didn't have time for the little boy.  Timmy doesn't give up and continues his search for the perfect gift.  Before long, Timmy is the object of everyone's search.  Will Timmy find the gift he is looking for?  Will Camden Corners be able to find Timmy?  Timmy's Gift is a short story in Volume Two of the Camden Corners series.  All Camden Corners books are available at; Kindle and Nook at $1.99.  Don't forget to click on my advertisers below.  Merry Christmas from Camden Corners

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