Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Reggie Blackburn had been left at the altar by the beautiful Elena Malone.  Reggie couldn't remember a time when he didn't love Elena.  Three days before their wedding, a slick character approached Elena and without a word to Reggie, she was off to New York to become a famous Broadway star.  Reggie is so blinded by his love for Elena, he is oblivious to the charms of his new friend Josie McMillan.  Will Reggie pine after the fair Elena forever or will he realize her beauty is only skin deep.  The answer may be found in "Reggie's True Love" one of the many stories in Camden Corners Volume Three.  All of the four Camden Corners volumes are available on smashwords.com; Kindle and Nook.  Please click on my advertisers at the end of this synopsis and found throughout this blog. 

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