Monday, December 19, 2011

Maybe it was fate that led famous author J. K. Ellingsworth (a.k.a. Maxwell Harcourt) to the small village of Camden Cove.  J. K. Ellingsworth just happened to be Sarah Lane's favorite author.  No matter how many books he wrote or how famous he became, no one except his agent knew what the mystery man looked like.  Sarah was reading his latest adventure novel as she sat at her desk in the local library. She looked up and saw those green eyes staring into hers.  Max was researching information for his upcoming mystery.  Little did Sarah or Max know that what Max found hidden on a shelf in the library would bring them their own real life mystery and love story.  "A Mysterious Find" is only the beginning of their adventure.  Read this and other short stories in Camden Corners Volume Two.  All Camden Corners e-books are available on; Kindle and Nook.  Don't forget to click on the advertisers below to show your support for the companies who help sponsor blogs like this. 

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