Sunday, December 4, 2011

Four short stories of romance and family. Love is rekindled in Valentine's Day. Emily finds true happiness can be found close to home in Emily's Story. Luck O' The Irish is the story of Sean and Maeve O'Reilly whose light is still shining on those they love. A Summer Romance shows that it helps to have a trust fund but true happiness is the way you use it

Marissa Baxter was in favor of her mother finding a new man to share her life with but how could she choose this one? Things are not always as they seem in the story of a Bristol Falls Valentine's Day. Carolyn and two of her children discover that love is all in the family after all.

In Emily's Story, Emily Baxter seems to have the perfect life until she discovers what she never knew she was missing. Playing a soap opera princess has lost it's charm. Handsome Detective Mike O'Reilly enters her life and everything is looking up until Mike lays eyes on Emily's roommate, the lovely, Erin Murphy.

Mike O'Reilly is part of a loving Irish clan. Discover his history and the people who made him the man he is today in Luck O' The Irish. Sean and Maeve O'Reilly remain in the hearts of the family they started upon their arrival in their new home.

A Summer Romance seems to be the norm in the mountains near Bristol Falls. Tracy Cummings and her best friend Angie find themselves suddenly
unemployed. They learn the summer camp they loved as children is for sale. With help from their friends both new and old, they discover that romance is indeed alive. Not just for them but for some who never expected to in love again.

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