Sunday, December 18, 2011

Everything is going smoothly for Emma Patterson and Lily Kramer in their new antique business.  After a relatively short period of time they are beginning to make a profit.  Mr. Harvey Wallace gets wind of the girls' success and puts another of his diabolical plans to ruin them into action.  Oscar Crowley comes to their rescue and finds the part of his heart he had been missing in the eyes of Miss Nettie Dawson.   Lily's first encounter with Oscar's son, Richard is quite unfortunate.  The otherwise genteel young man is off his game and speaking and acting like an oaf within the earshot of the volatile Miss Lily.  Will the Antique Shop survive Harvey Wilson?  Will Lily forgive Richard's outburst?  What about Emma?  Is there a chance she too will find happiness in the romance department.  Find out in "Open For Business" Camden Corners Volume One.  Available on, Kindle and Nook.  Don't forget to click on my advertisers.  Thanks to these fine companies, I am able to bring you these blogs. 

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