Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Hightower brothers have a surprise for their wives.  Dahlia and Hyacinth are delighted when they see a sleek automobile large enough to hold all of them and the babies.  Harold wins a coin toss between the brothers and is the first one to attempt to drive the fancy machine.  Harold is embarrassed to admit he doesn't know how to drive the darn thing.  Seeing that it is similar to her treadle sewing machine, Dahlia offers her assistance.   It's running smoothly but Dahlia doesn't have any idea how to make it stop.  "The New Automobile" and many others stories may be found in Volume Four of the Camden Corners series.  All Camden Corners books are available on Smashwords. Com; Kindle and Nook.  Don't forget to click on my advertisers.  Thanks to their support and yours I am able to continue the blog.

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