Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Al Blanchard was a very respected member of the construction crew working in Greensboro.  He had stressed safety with his men and would never take chances or risks while on the job.  That was why the fall to his death was difficult to understand.  Leo Carlisle knew more about the so called accident than he let on.  He found a way to ingratiate himself into the Blanchard family.  Al's son, Grady was suspicious of Leo when he seemed to be taking over his heartbroken mother's life.   Grady is threatened with his mother's safety if he doesn't help Leo with his latest scheme to swindle the people of Camden Corners.  Read all about it in "THE JOURNAL"  One of the many stories in the CAMDEN CORNERS SERIES VOLUME FOUR.  Available on SMASHWORDS.COM, KINDLE & NOOK AT ONLY $1.99.  Also, please show your support to the advertisers on my blog by clicking for information on their products and services.

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