Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Twin sisters, Hyacinth and Dahlia Bloom shared everything.  They lived in a small apartment over their quilt shop.  Quilting had become their life.  They taught classes in quilting, sold quilts in their shop, even their gardens were planted to look like a quilt in the summertime.  They were well liked in the village of Camden Corners but because they were so plain, they seemed to just blend into the woodwork.  That is until the day Mr. Harold Hightower appeared on their doorsteps.  Life would never be the same for Dahlia after she first laid eyes on Harold.  Hyacinth was not pleased with her sister's behavior and for the first time in their lives, the twins were at odds.  Will there be a happy ending?  Will Dahlia get her man?  What will happen to Hyacinth?  Find out in "THE BLOOM SISTERS"  CAMDEN CORNERS VOLUME ONE.  AVAILABLE ON SMASHWORDS.COM; KINDLE AND NOOK.  Don't forget to click on my advertisers.  Thanks to these kind folks, I am able to send these blogs.  

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