Sunday, December 4, 2011

Camden Corners Volume Two

More Short stories featuring the residents of the Village of Camden Corners at the turn of the twentieth century. Say hello to some old friends and meet new ones during your visit to the small town where strangers are welcome, mysteries are solved and love is always just around the corner.

The sagas continue in Volume Two of the Camden Corners short story series.
A three part tale is told starting with A Mysterious find. Handsome writer Max Harcourt begins to unravel a murder from 100 years ago. Librarian Sarah Lane has finally met her fictional hero and together they solve the mystery of Hannah's Treasure.
When the women of Camden Corners set out to find A Wife for the Vicar he is flattered but likes everything just the way it is. Millicent Merryweather Stout decides her niece would be the perfect wife for the Vicar but Melanie has other plans. The Vicar happens upon romance all on his own or was it divine intervention with a little help from his housekeeper, Alma Schrum?
A young boy is given a camera in The Photographer. He learns he has a talent for photography and with the help of his little brother captures a con artist on film.
These and other stories fill the pages of Camden Corners Volume Two. Please stop by for a visit, you won't be a stranger for long.

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