Thursday, December 22, 2011

Annie Spencer arrived in Camden Corners wondering what had possessed her to answer an ad for what amounted to a mail order bride.  She had never done anything so foolish in her entire life.  The fact that she had been jilted by Peter Standford and humiliated in the process was her only explanation.  What she didn't know at the time she answered the ad was that it was placed by 9 year old Andrew Parker.  Annie was humiliated another time when she realized Andrew's father, Jackson Parker had no idea what his son had done and thought Annie was a lunatic.  Will Annie find a home in Camden Corners?  Will Andrew find the mother he so desires?  Will Jackson find happiness again?  Read The Parker Family and other stories in Camden Corners Volume One.  All my e-books can be found on; Kindle and Nook.   Please check the ads listed below for services and products of my generous sponsors. 

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