Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Ladies Auxiliary is meeting in the basement of St. Peter's Church.  Vicar Will Duesenberry happens by to say hello to his parishioners.  Will's life is full with church activities, counseling the flock and guiding the youth of Camden Corners.  Alma Schrum casually mentions how nice it would be for the Vicar if he had a wife by his side.  Maybelle Merryweather Stout has just the woman for him.  Her niece Melanie is involved with a young man her parents oppose.  What better time to ask Melanie to visit her Aunt Maybelle.  Melanie and her beau have different ideas.  Find out if the ladies are successful in finding "A WIFE FOR THE VICAR" in CAMDEN CORNERS VOLUME TWO.  This and other stories are available in all four volumes of the series on Smashwords.Com; Kindle and Nook.  Don't forget to click on my advertiser's messages.  These kind folks allow me and others to post our blogs at no cost.   

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