Sunday, December 4, 2011

Camden Corners Volume Four

The short stories of the people of Camden Corners continues in Volume Four of the series as the year 1903 comes to an end. Young people continue to fall in love, marriage is on the minds of many couples in town and the children are always cherished. Camden Corners welcomes new residents and businesses while keeping it's small town flavor. As always, happy endings await.

The folks of Camden Corners are glad you are visiting them in Volume Four of the series. In "Hidden Assets" Lucinda and Nick have their first serious misunderstanding and decide it's best if they don't see each other anymore. "A Worthy Cause" is found shortly after a near tragedy befalls a family who have recently found each other. "Dalton's Mountain" proves to be beyond Josie Blackburn's expectations. Reggie is determined to solve a mystery after his visit with Zeke Dalton and his family. "The Journal" has answers about a certain accident and the one who may have caused it. "Secret Weapon" catches a crook in a most unexpected way. In "The New Automobile" Dahlia Hightower finds driving a horseless carriage is just like running a sewing machine except the sewing machine doesn't require a brake. "The Reunion" brings the elder Rossi's to Camden Corners and their American family. "The Best of Friends" is a rekindling of an old friendship. How long can it stay that way? "Kidnapped" shows the harm a gun and too much whiskey can cause. "A Fresh Start for Nathaniel" brings a grandfather and grandson to a new level in their relationship. After an article Josie has written appears in the back pages of the Greensboro News, she is determined to establish the "Camden Corners Chronicle". Marlin Cooper is an unwelcome guest in the Crowley house in "An unusual Engagement". "A Growing Town" will bring changes to Camden Corners. Hopefully for the better. Romance is in the air in "Caroling in the Snow". "Christmas Magic" is very magical for Cassandra Rossi. "It Was A Very Good Year" unites two young lovers in marriage and a happy surprise for the bride. These are the stories that come alive in Camden Corners Volume Four.

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