Saturday, December 31, 2011

Open For Business~Part 1

Finally Looking Back Antiques opened for business under new management. Everyone in town was happy to see the shop taken over by Emma and Lily and couldn’t wait to sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy the freshly baked brownies and delicious confections. The Antique store was a huge success. Word started spreading quickly and before long folks from the neighboring towns and eventually from nearby cities started frequenting the antique shop. The Fulbright farm was finally sold and Jonas and Ethel moved to Camden Corners. Jonas was happy to be on hand in the antique shop to great customers and point out the beauty of each item in the store. Nobody realized how much old Amos had stored. There seemed to be a never ending supply of goods for Jonas to work on. Ethel loved being near her daughter and grandchildren, she was making friends quickly and enjoyed acting as hostess occasionally in the tea room. She wrote to Nettie Dawson excitedly telling her all about the shop and tea room. Nettie missed her dear friend and in a blink of an eye, she was on the train on her way to Camden Corners arriving just in time for tea. Nettie was a perfect match for the now bustling tea room. She was full of chatter and advice to all the patrons.
Emma, Lily and Jonas were working feverishly preparing the last of Amos’ collection before the busy Christmas season began. They discovered there were very few pieces that couldn’t be repaired or cleaned and sold as a valuable antique. Nettie and Ethel were delighted to find a huge crate filled with Tiffany lamps. They spent hours cleaning and shining each and every lamp while they talked about all of the Christmas celebrations they were looking forward to. Their first Christmas in Camden Corners was going to be a very happy one.
One afternoon, the Vicar Willard Duesenberry came into the shop to purchase a lace tea cozy for his faithful housekeeper, Mrs. Schrum. He saw her admiring it in the window one day last week and thought it would make a nice Christmas gift for her. Emma was having a difficult time opening Amos’ old cash register and the Vicar offered to take a look at it to see what the problem was. He discovered there was a tiny key that was lodged in the drawer. Emma couldn’t understand why she didn’t discover it when she so painstakingly cleaned and polished it. She took the key and set it aside wondering what the key fit and what it was doing inside the cash register. Another customer was inquiring about a Queen Anne sofa and Emma forgot about the key.
Harvey Wallace was sitting as his usual spot in the old general store cheating at checkers with his cronies. They knew he was cheating but also knew that if they called attention to it old Harvey would throw his considerable weight around and make trouble for his chums. The general store just wasn’t the same now that Amos has passed on and it had been taken over by Harvey. The townspeople of Greensboro often traveled the distance to nearby Kendall to purchase their groceries and supplies at Silas Warren’s store. Harvey did like to make a profit and didn’t notice that he was losing customers one by one. George Whitfield had just returned from Camden Corners and was telling the group how busy the antique store was that Emma Patterson and Lily Kramer bought and how well they were doing selling Amos’ things. Harvey’s ears perked up.
“Excuse me gentlemen I have a little matter of thievery to check into. I do believe the junk Miss Emma stole out of this building was mine and I have the documents to prove it.”
The small group was dumbfounded. This was low even for Harvey.
Emma and Lily were beginning to make a small profit in their antique business and finally had enough extra to bankroll them for their first scavenger hunt. They were anxious to start their journey before the heavy snows came. They took off leaving the shop in the capable hands of Jonas and the women. Susanna offered to pop in occasionally to check on things for them. The first time out they hit the jackpot. The hotel in Porterboro was going to be completely renovated and they were able to salvage almost a wagon full of treasures from there. They stopped at a farmhouse on the way to the next town and found many more items. With a few stops on their way back to Camden Corners they had filled their wagon to the brim and were giggling and laughing as they opened the door to their antique shop.
They were met with tearful eyes and worried faces and standing right smack in the middle of their store was Mr. Harvey Wilson with his smarmy lawyer, Caspar Dewitt standing next to him. Both were smirking as Caspar served the girls with a cease and desist letter demanding they lock the doors of the shop pending a lawsuit for ill gotten goods. Lily was fit to be tied and ready to flatten Mr. Caspar Dewitt but Emma’s cooler head prevailed. She knew they would not be able to fight this fight in the middle of their store and accepted the papers asking them to leave and locking the door behind them.
Will Harvey Wilson and his greed win out?  Check tomorrow to see what happens next.  This and all Camden Corners stories are available on; Kindle & Nook.  

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Secret Revealed

When Max Harcourt comes to town to research material for his latest book, he discovers a hidden newspaper article from 100 years ago.  He also discovers Sarah Lane who who has lived in a fantasy world with the hero of Max's mystery novels for as long as she can remember.  Together they set out to solve the mystery of  Sarah's ancestors and discover their love growing as danger surrounds them.  Join Sarah and Max in their adventure in A Mystery Resolved.  One of the many short stories on the pages of Camden Corners Volume Two.  This and all the Camden Corners short story series are available on; Kindle and Nook.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Uncle Shane's Surprise

While the former Bloom sisters were delighting over the fact that they were both in the family way, their husbands, the Hightower brothers were listening to the reading of their Uncle Shane Howard's will.  Out of respect to the old man, Howard and Harold made the trip to New York City and the law offices of Seymour Brown.  To their astonishment, Uncle Shane was one of the wealthiest men in the whole United States and left almost his entire fortune to the brothers.  He asked that his nephews share the fortune with Lucinda McCoy and her daughter, Cassandra.  The Widow McCoy had befriended the old man and he was grateful.  Was their more to the story?  Read Uncle Shane's Surprise in Camden Corners Volume Three.  This and many other stories are available in the Camden Corners series.  Check them out on; Kindle and Nook. 

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Reunion

After eighteen years of living in the United States, Rosa Marino is waiting the arrival of her parents, Anna and Luigi Rossi.  The Marino Trattoria was being cleaned and scoured by Rosa, her husband, Eduardo and all five of their children including the youngest, Daniella.  The reunion is everything Rosa had hoped for.  She loves her life in America but she missed her Mamma and Papa for all the years her family was growing up.  Luigi decides he will be known as Lou in his newly adopted country.  The family leaves behind the vineyards and winery that have been in Lou's family for generations but he is here to help his son, Nick start a new Rossi tradition.  See how the newest members of the community fit in with friendly Camden Corners.  This and many other stories are part of the Camden Corners series available on; Kindle and Nook. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Magic

It was the week of Christmas and the town of Camden Corners was a bustle of activity. The sun had come out a few days after the early December blizzard and the snowdrifts were disappearing each day although there was a fresh coating of snow covering the ground.  Many of the families were reflecting on the year that was coming to a close.  Lives had changed for many.  This Christmas would be filled with children who joined families through the year.  Nick Rossi who had fallen in love with Lucinda McCoy and her daughter, Cassandra was now a family man.   Cassandra loses the pink heart necklace that is the only reminder of her Papa Paul.  Nick searches through the snow for the necklace but to no avail.  Will the magic of Christmas save the day?  Read this and many stories in Camden Corners Volume Four.  Available on; Kindle and Nook. 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Timmy's Gift

Timmy Hawthorne watched as the Vicar and members of the congregation set up the nativity scene on the church lawn early in December.  He listened to the story of Jesus birthday and the gifts the Wise Men brought to him.  He got it into his head that he wanted to buy a present for Jesus.  He wasn't sure what to buy for the little baby and began asking his family and the people in town.  Because it was Christmas Eve, everyone was very busy and didn't have time for the little boy.  Timmy doesn't give up and continues his search for the perfect gift.  Before long, Timmy is the object of everyone's search.  Will Timmy find the gift he is looking for?  Will Camden Corners be able to find Timmy?  Timmy's Gift is a short story in Volume Two of the Camden Corners series.  All Camden Corners books are available at; Kindle and Nook at $1.99.  Don't forget to click on my advertisers below.  Merry Christmas from Camden Corners

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Miracle

Love is all around on Founder's Day in Camden Corners.  The townspeople are happy with anticipation of the games and contests that will be the highpoint of the afternoon.  A sudden storm and lightening bolt that seemed to be headed for a little girl was not what they expected on an otherwise special occasion.  Nettie Crowley experienced an uneasy feeling along with a few of her other friends.  Did the crystal ball that was found at an estate sale a few days before really have the power to predict the future?  Find the answer in The Miracle, Camden Corners Volume Three.  This and  many short stories may be found on the pages of the Camden Corners series.  Available on Kindle and Nook.  Why not check the ads listed below?  Many fine products and services are only a click away

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Annie Spencer arrived in Camden Corners wondering what had possessed her to answer an ad for what amounted to a mail order bride.  She had never done anything so foolish in her entire life.  The fact that she had been jilted by Peter Standford and humiliated in the process was her only explanation.  What she didn't know at the time she answered the ad was that it was placed by 9 year old Andrew Parker.  Annie was humiliated another time when she realized Andrew's father, Jackson Parker had no idea what his son had done and thought Annie was a lunatic.  Will Annie find a home in Camden Corners?  Will Andrew find the mother he so desires?  Will Jackson find happiness again?  Read The Parker Family and other stories in Camden Corners Volume One.  All my e-books can be found on; Kindle and Nook.   Please check the ads listed below for services and products of my generous sponsors. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Camden Corners Chronicle

Just when Emma and Lily thought Mr. Harvey Wilson ended his vendetta against them, he finds a way to disrupt their lives and attempt to ruin their antique business.  The plan backfires when his assistant has had his fill of Harvey's tricks.  Josie Blackburn decides it's high time her town has it's very own newspaper and the Camden Corners Chronicle is born.  Unfortunately, the first edition hits a snafu when Harvey's plan is put into effect.  Read all about it in Camden Corners Chronicle.  This and many other stories may be found in the pages of the Camden Corners series Volume Four.  This and all of my books may be found on; Kindle and Nook.  Don't forget to click on my advertisers.  These fine companies help bring you this and many other blogs.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Reggie Blackburn had been left at the altar by the beautiful Elena Malone.  Reggie couldn't remember a time when he didn't love Elena.  Three days before their wedding, a slick character approached Elena and without a word to Reggie, she was off to New York to become a famous Broadway star.  Reggie is so blinded by his love for Elena, he is oblivious to the charms of his new friend Josie McMillan.  Will Reggie pine after the fair Elena forever or will he realize her beauty is only skin deep.  The answer may be found in "Reggie's True Love" one of the many stories in Camden Corners Volume Three.  All of the four Camden Corners volumes are available on; Kindle and Nook.  Please click on my advertisers at the end of this synopsis and found throughout this blog. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Maybe it was fate that led famous author J. K. Ellingsworth (a.k.a. Maxwell Harcourt) to the small village of Camden Cove.  J. K. Ellingsworth just happened to be Sarah Lane's favorite author.  No matter how many books he wrote or how famous he became, no one except his agent knew what the mystery man looked like.  Sarah was reading his latest adventure novel as she sat at her desk in the local library. She looked up and saw those green eyes staring into hers.  Max was researching information for his upcoming mystery.  Little did Sarah or Max know that what Max found hidden on a shelf in the library would bring them their own real life mystery and love story.  "A Mysterious Find" is only the beginning of their adventure.  Read this and other short stories in Camden Corners Volume Two.  All Camden Corners e-books are available on; Kindle and Nook.  Don't forget to click on the advertisers below to show your support for the companies who help sponsor blogs like this. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Everything is going smoothly for Emma Patterson and Lily Kramer in their new antique business.  After a relatively short period of time they are beginning to make a profit.  Mr. Harvey Wallace gets wind of the girls' success and puts another of his diabolical plans to ruin them into action.  Oscar Crowley comes to their rescue and finds the part of his heart he had been missing in the eyes of Miss Nettie Dawson.   Lily's first encounter with Oscar's son, Richard is quite unfortunate.  The otherwise genteel young man is off his game and speaking and acting like an oaf within the earshot of the volatile Miss Lily.  Will the Antique Shop survive Harvey Wilson?  Will Lily forgive Richard's outburst?  What about Emma?  Is there a chance she too will find happiness in the romance department.  Find out in "Open For Business" Camden Corners Volume One.  Available on, Kindle and Nook.  Don't forget to click on my advertisers.  Thanks to these fine companies, I am able to bring you these blogs. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Hightower brothers have a surprise for their wives.  Dahlia and Hyacinth are delighted when they see a sleek automobile large enough to hold all of them and the babies.  Harold wins a coin toss between the brothers and is the first one to attempt to drive the fancy machine.  Harold is embarrassed to admit he doesn't know how to drive the darn thing.  Seeing that it is similar to her treadle sewing machine, Dahlia offers her assistance.   It's running smoothly but Dahlia doesn't have any idea how to make it stop.  "The New Automobile" and many others stories may be found in Volume Four of the Camden Corners series.  All Camden Corners books are available on Smashwords. Com; Kindle and Nook.  Don't forget to click on my advertisers.  Thanks to their support and yours I am able to continue the blog.

Friday, December 16, 2011

After a successful trip to an estate sale, Ethel and Jonas Fulbright return to Camden Corners with a crystal ball.  Ethel felt compelled to buy it and although Jonas thinks it's a foolish purchase, he can't seem to get himself to stop the sale.  The crystal ball seems to come to life while Nettie Crowley is entertaining her guests with her impression of a fortune teller.  It makes her feel uncomfortable and she isn't the least bit sorry when it falls to the floor and breaks into pieces.  After Oscar scoops it up and places it in the trash barrel, he sees a strange light coming from the broken glass.  Read all about the unusual dinner party given to welcome old friends from Greensboro in "The Crystal Ball".  This and other stories may be found in Camden Corners Volume Three.  Available on; Kindle and Nook.  Please don't forget to click on my advertisers. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Ladies Auxiliary is meeting in the basement of St. Peter's Church.  Vicar Will Duesenberry happens by to say hello to his parishioners.  Will's life is full with church activities, counseling the flock and guiding the youth of Camden Corners.  Alma Schrum casually mentions how nice it would be for the Vicar if he had a wife by his side.  Maybelle Merryweather Stout has just the woman for him.  Her niece Melanie is involved with a young man her parents oppose.  What better time to ask Melanie to visit her Aunt Maybelle.  Melanie and her beau have different ideas.  Find out if the ladies are successful in finding "A WIFE FOR THE VICAR" in CAMDEN CORNERS VOLUME TWO.  This and other stories are available in all four volumes of the series on Smashwords.Com; Kindle and Nook.  Don't forget to click on my advertiser's messages.  These kind folks allow me and others to post our blogs at no cost.   

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Twin sisters, Hyacinth and Dahlia Bloom shared everything.  They lived in a small apartment over their quilt shop.  Quilting had become their life.  They taught classes in quilting, sold quilts in their shop, even their gardens were planted to look like a quilt in the summertime.  They were well liked in the village of Camden Corners but because they were so plain, they seemed to just blend into the woodwork.  That is until the day Mr. Harold Hightower appeared on their doorsteps.  Life would never be the same for Dahlia after she first laid eyes on Harold.  Hyacinth was not pleased with her sister's behavior and for the first time in their lives, the twins were at odds.  Will there be a happy ending?  Will Dahlia get her man?  What will happen to Hyacinth?  Find out in "THE BLOOM SISTERS"  CAMDEN CORNERS VOLUME ONE.  AVAILABLE ON SMASHWORDS.COM; KINDLE AND NOOK.  Don't forget to click on my advertisers.  Thanks to these kind folks, I am able to send these blogs.  

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Al Blanchard was a very respected member of the construction crew working in Greensboro.  He had stressed safety with his men and would never take chances or risks while on the job.  That was why the fall to his death was difficult to understand.  Leo Carlisle knew more about the so called accident than he let on.  He found a way to ingratiate himself into the Blanchard family.  Al's son, Grady was suspicious of Leo when he seemed to be taking over his heartbroken mother's life.   Grady is threatened with his mother's safety if he doesn't help Leo with his latest scheme to swindle the people of Camden Corners.  Read all about it in "THE JOURNAL"  One of the many stories in the CAMDEN CORNERS SERIES VOLUME FOUR.  Available on SMASHWORDS.COM, KINDLE & NOOK AT ONLY $1.99.  Also, please show your support to the advertisers on my blog by clicking for information on their products and services.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Cody Hill is settling in nicely in Camden Corners.  He has decided to stay during the summer before he starts at the University in the fall.  Looking for a temporary job he visits Nichols General Store where he notices a spark flying from the pot belly stove and making a direct hit on the back of April Hawthorne's shawl.  April is appalled when she is suddenly flung on the floor and then wrapped in a blanket by the stranger who is seconds later congratulated for saving her life.  See what happens next in "CODY'S A HERO"  CAMDEN CORNERS VOLUME THREE.  AVAILABLE ON SMASHWORDS.COM, KINDLE AND NOOK FOR ONLY $1.99. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cody Hill was only 9 years old when he first saw Mavis Short in the woods behind the shack the Hill family called home.  Mavis was Mavis Cooley at that time.  It would be two years until she married old Earl Short.  Mavis was like a big sister to Cody.  He knew she was resigned to marriage to Earl.  Cody guessed Mavis was going to have a baby even before she knew it herself.  Mavis knew in her heart the baby was a little girl.  She told Cody she would name her daughter after the beautiful irises that bloomed by the river every year.  Through the kindness of Mrs. Crenshaw, Cody was sent to live with Professor Tanner.  Cody's life changed from that point on but he never forgot Mavis or her daughter Iris.  Cody sets out to rescue Iris from the same fate as her mother in FINDING IRIS.  Much to Cody's relief, Iris is well taken care of and a very important part of a happy family living in Camden Corners.  This story and others may be found in THE CAMDEN CORNERS SERIES VOLUME THREE.  Available on, Kindle and Nook for only $1.99.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A business trip to Dalton's Mountain turns out to be an experience Josie Blackburn will never forget.  Josie was expecting corn cob pipes and toothless grins but instead found a family whose hearts were happy and full.  Zeke, Effie, John and Ben welcomed their guests with open arms and taught Josie that close knit families could be found even at the base of a mountain.  Read all about DALTON'S MOUNTAIN in the the fourth volume of the CAMDEN CORNERS series.  Available on, Kindle & Nook. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Lucinda McCoy is reluctant to fall in love again after the death of her husband.  Enter Nick Rossi....Lucinda finds him difficult to resist.  Caroline Watson confides in Lucinda her story of lost love due to a false sense of loyalty to a deceased spouse.  Lucinda is truly touched by Caroline's account and finds a way to bring that lost love back into her life.  Will Lucinda be able to open her heart to Nick?  Will Caroline be reunited with the love of her life?  Stay tuned for further developments in Camden Corners Volume Three.  This and many other stories in the CAMDEN CORNERS SERIES available on, Kindle & Nook for only $1.99

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nichols General Store has been a fixture in Camden Corners for years.  It's proprietor, Isaac Nichols is getting up in years.  How he would love to take his beloved Maude on an extended vacation.  Vacationing had been out of the question in all the years the two of them had run the store.  His nephew, Oliver would be the perfect choice to take over.  Oliver Nichols had other ideas.  He was willing to help his uncle for a short time but California called his name and he wouldn't be deterred in his desire to go as far west as the land would allow.  Enter Camden Corners resident, Cassie Lambert.  Cassie has plans of her own and they don't include a lifetime living in the village where she grew up.  Find out what happens to these two would be wanderers.  Read BEST LAID PLANS in Camden Corners Volume Two.  Available on, Kindle and Nook at only $1.99.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Pringles Volume One Camden Corners

Check out the adventure of the Pringles in Camden Corners Volume One.  Chris Pringle and his wife Priscilla own the local Christmas shop.  While relaxing on the beach one summer day, Priscilla finds a silk pouch filled with pretty stones.  After looking for the rightful owner without success, she decides to use the stones in the ornaments she makes for the village children each year.  Trouble arrives in town by the name of Mr. Ebeneezer Finch who happens to be looking for the pouch he dropped filled with precious gems.  

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Camden Corners series begins when two friends decide to make a new start in a village neither had ever been to.  Read how the adventure began for Emma and Lily in their new home with new friends and new romances.  Camden Corners Volume One through Four are available on Kindle, Nook and Smashwords for only $1.99

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Four short stories of romance and family. Love is rekindled in Valentine's Day. Emily finds true happiness can be found close to home in Emily's Story. Luck O' The Irish is the story of Sean and Maeve O'Reilly whose light is still shining on those they love. A Summer Romance shows that it helps to have a trust fund but true happiness is the way you use it

Marissa Baxter was in favor of her mother finding a new man to share her life with but how could she choose this one? Things are not always as they seem in the story of a Bristol Falls Valentine's Day. Carolyn and two of her children discover that love is all in the family after all.

In Emily's Story, Emily Baxter seems to have the perfect life until she discovers what she never knew she was missing. Playing a soap opera princess has lost it's charm. Handsome Detective Mike O'Reilly enters her life and everything is looking up until Mike lays eyes on Emily's roommate, the lovely, Erin Murphy.

Mike O'Reilly is part of a loving Irish clan. Discover his history and the people who made him the man he is today in Luck O' The Irish. Sean and Maeve O'Reilly remain in the hearts of the family they started upon their arrival in their new home.

A Summer Romance seems to be the norm in the mountains near Bristol Falls. Tracy Cummings and her best friend Angie find themselves suddenly
unemployed. They learn the summer camp they loved as children is for sale. With help from their friends both new and old, they discover that romance is indeed alive. Not just for them but for some who never expected to in love again.

Camden Corners Volume Four

The short stories of the people of Camden Corners continues in Volume Four of the series as the year 1903 comes to an end. Young people continue to fall in love, marriage is on the minds of many couples in town and the children are always cherished. Camden Corners welcomes new residents and businesses while keeping it's small town flavor. As always, happy endings await.

The folks of Camden Corners are glad you are visiting them in Volume Four of the series. In "Hidden Assets" Lucinda and Nick have their first serious misunderstanding and decide it's best if they don't see each other anymore. "A Worthy Cause" is found shortly after a near tragedy befalls a family who have recently found each other. "Dalton's Mountain" proves to be beyond Josie Blackburn's expectations. Reggie is determined to solve a mystery after his visit with Zeke Dalton and his family. "The Journal" has answers about a certain accident and the one who may have caused it. "Secret Weapon" catches a crook in a most unexpected way. In "The New Automobile" Dahlia Hightower finds driving a horseless carriage is just like running a sewing machine except the sewing machine doesn't require a brake. "The Reunion" brings the elder Rossi's to Camden Corners and their American family. "The Best of Friends" is a rekindling of an old friendship. How long can it stay that way? "Kidnapped" shows the harm a gun and too much whiskey can cause. "A Fresh Start for Nathaniel" brings a grandfather and grandson to a new level in their relationship. After an article Josie has written appears in the back pages of the Greensboro News, she is determined to establish the "Camden Corners Chronicle". Marlin Cooper is an unwelcome guest in the Crowley house in "An unusual Engagement". "A Growing Town" will bring changes to Camden Corners. Hopefully for the better. Romance is in the air in "Caroling in the Snow". "Christmas Magic" is very magical for Cassandra Rossi. "It Was A Very Good Year" unites two young lovers in marriage and a happy surprise for the bride. These are the stories that come alive in Camden Corners Volume Four.

Camden Corners Volume Three

Continuing sagas of the residents and newcomers to Camden Corners. Love is always in the air in the quaint little village at the turn of the 20th Century. Some are falling in love for the first time while others are finding love after many years. Families are growing with the birth of babies and children being welcomed into hearts and homes. Camden Corners where happy endings are guaranteed.

Welcome back to Camden Corners. In Volume Three Cody Hill sets out to find his friend Mavis Short's daughter, Iris. Through some strange happenings, Mavis' presence is felt in her daughter's life.
The Hightowers are surprised to learn their Uncle Shane was not quite the man they thought they knew. Through him they meet Lucinda McCoy and her daughter, Cassandra who win the hearts of everyone in Camden Corners, especially Mr. Nick Rossi.
A love is rekindled after many years and Caroline Watson's life takes a turn she never expected.
Reggie Blackburn has been pining away over his lost love for so long he doesn't realize real love has come his way until it's almost too late.
The Hightowers celebrate Labor Day with a picnic and a few surprises.
A ready made family falls into the lives of Vicar Will and his love Kate.

Enjoy these and other stories of love and families in Volume Three of the Camden Corners series.

Camden Corners Volume Two

More Short stories featuring the residents of the Village of Camden Corners at the turn of the twentieth century. Say hello to some old friends and meet new ones during your visit to the small town where strangers are welcome, mysteries are solved and love is always just around the corner.

The sagas continue in Volume Two of the Camden Corners short story series.
A three part tale is told starting with A Mysterious find. Handsome writer Max Harcourt begins to unravel a murder from 100 years ago. Librarian Sarah Lane has finally met her fictional hero and together they solve the mystery of Hannah's Treasure.
When the women of Camden Corners set out to find A Wife for the Vicar he is flattered but likes everything just the way it is. Millicent Merryweather Stout decides her niece would be the perfect wife for the Vicar but Melanie has other plans. The Vicar happens upon romance all on his own or was it divine intervention with a little help from his housekeeper, Alma Schrum?
A young boy is given a camera in The Photographer. He learns he has a talent for photography and with the help of his little brother captures a con artist on film.
These and other stories fill the pages of Camden Corners Volume Two. Please stop by for a visit, you won't be a stranger for long.

Camden Corners Volume One

A dozen stories taking place in the Village of Camden Corners. "A New Beginning" features Emma Patterson and Lily Kramer who leave their troubles behind to start a new life after they purchase an antique shop. Their friend Nettie Dawson is not far behind finding love in the autumn of her life with Mr. Oscar Crowley.

A trusted firehouse Dalmatian befriends a little girl who has more love to give than she has received in a very long time in "Girl".

A very special evening of family entertainment is scheduled in "Beverly Sills". A catastrophe is averted as our performer saves the day.

Chris Pringle and his wife, Priscilla are the proud owners of Snowflake Christmas Shop. Chris bumps into a very unfriendly Ebeneezer Finch. Eb isn't interested in the Pringle's hospitality until he discovers they have something he wants.

This is just a sampling of the tales of Camden Corners. Volume Two will be published soon. In the meantime, enjoy Volume One.